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This is frequently put in your Spam or Junk Mail folders.  Please check them for the verification email.



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Gmail & Hotmail Wizards Filtering our Email!

We continue to have an ongoing battle with the Gmail and Hotmail Wizards, who are systematically blocking the verification emails from our site.

We have updated our SPF settings, and this has helped, but we still now and then have trouble with these sites eating verification emails.
If you do not get your verification email within 5 to 10 minutes of signing up, please contact me.  Tizzy at astlan dot net!
Or you can just short circuit and email me anyway.  I'm randomly on your world (no reason, no reason) so when I am, I will see your emails.  
I've pretty much given up on managing this site with my 56K Dial Up Modem from the Abyss, it's just so slow, and this site is not really mirror friendly.  For one thing, mirrors don't have keyboards.


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