Eastern Free Eton

After the fall of the Vargosite Empire, Eton and Norelon were politically free of each other.  Various groups of nobles tried to recreate the Nation of Eton, (sometimes called Etonia Eternia).  Unfortunately, the disagreements between factions were two great and after nearly 100 years of war three principle states were founded. 

Eastern Free Eton derives its name from the fact that there is no centralized government in that part of Eton.  It is comprised of free cities and small fiefdoms.  However, Eastern Free Eton is far from being the lawless land one might imagine.  While there is no central political authority, there is the Rod of Tiernon.  Tiern Anon is the original home of the Church of Tiernon, which is now located in Justicia in New Etonia; but it is still the official home of the Church's military arm, The Rod.  While the Rod only has the authority to act on Church business, Church business extends throughout all of Eton.  Major roads in Eastern Free Eton are patrolled by Rod Squads to ensure that messengers and travelers on Church business are not harassed.

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