The Body Politic

The Body Politic of Astlan consists of those races that actively participate in the political process of nations on a large scale basis.  This is not to imply that specific members of races not listed among the Body Politic do not get involved in the politics of realms, simply that they generally do not do so on a large or unified scale.

The principle races of the Body Politic are:

Race Name Vernacular Name
The Aetós Aetós
The Gleg'ren  Glegren
The Gnomes Gnomes
The Heartheans "Halflings"
The Humans Humans
 The Hybrid Races Centaurs, Minotaurs, Orcs, Satyrs, and others.
The Modgriensofarthgonosefren "Dwarves"
The I'iskatha 'Skatha
The Sidhe "Elves, faires, etc.

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