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 CreateSpace Coupon
We sell direct from CreateSpace (Amazon's Publisher)
Be sure to use the 15% off Coupon when you check out.
 This takes the price to $16.99 (USD)
 This coupon won't work at Amazon, also at this time, Prime shipping doesn't seem to apply to CreateSpace sales (this may change).
Also, you can shop for other books by independent authors at CreateSpace.  As an FYI authors make more money on books sold at a CreateSpace store than the do on Amazon itself (by a good margin).  
 If you buy the Dead Tree Edition at Amazon you get the e-book for free automatically.  We can't do it automatically here/CreateSpace.  However if you buy the CreateSpace Trade Paperback, send your receipt to tizzy at astlan dot net and he will send you the e-book within 24 hours.  Please specify format.

Amazon has a sale price listed below.  If you have Amazon Prime there is free second day shipping.

Special at Amazon:  Buy the Trade Paperback (Dead Tree Edition) and get the e-book for free for Kindle!

Discount Codes--Dead for dead trees

In July of 2018, Create Space closed its store (without telling the authors selling there) 

So unfortunately, you can no longer buy the Dead Trees directly from Create Space (not many did) and the old discount codes no longer work.

The discount codes were mainly an offset mechanism for the fact that Create Space charged shipping, and people who weren't in a hurry could save a couple bucks with cheap shipping.

So now, the dead trees are just at Amazon (or you can order from your local bookstore)

However, if you buy the Dead Tree (first) you get the Kindle e-book for free.


The Heavenly Host

Into The Abyss

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