Classification of Demons

Curriculum Obtestatus: College of Wizardry, University of the Council States 

Demons are generally classified in six different categories. These categories are roughly based on the relative power and strength of the demons. The lower the classification level, the lower the power and consequently the more common the demon. One important thing to keep in mind is that all demons are unique and the following is only a rough guideline.

Class I: Imps, Sprites and Shadows. 

These are certainly the most common of demons. Most are smaller than man size. Most are wingless without the power of flight, although some can teleport. Imps are generally the only class I demons to have any wings and usually look something like small gargoyles with wings. Sprites generally are the most human appearing of all demons and often appear nearly completely human except for their perfectly proportioned miniature stature, 1' to 3' high, and the fact that most are red skinned. Some Sprites even were clothes occasionally. Shadows do not appear humanoid at all and in fact have the least physical form of all. Shadows appear simply as impenetrably dark regions in corners and dimly lit regions. 

Class II:  Fiends 

Fiends are more powerful demons and range in size from dwarven up to man-size. Some Class II demons have extremely bizarre forms with multiple sets of arms and legs, occasionally with humming-bird type wings rather than the more traditional bat-like wings. Appearance of these demons, despite often being man sized, is often the least man like of all the demons.  Fiends  are relatively common in wizardly circles.

Class III: Major Demons 

Major Demons range in size from just under man sized to slightly larger than man sized (5' to 7' tall). While often appearing somewhat more human than Class II they usually have bat-like wings, horns (like almost all demons), red, scaly skin, perhaps a tail, and usually cloven hooves. Succubi and Incubi are generally examples of Class III that look very human except for small exotic differences such as small horns and maybe red skin color or other similar small but noticeable difference.  Class III demons are typically the most powerful demons summoned for any but the direst of uses. Often summoned to fight in wars or battles they are usually only seen in small number and usually not on lesser errands.

Class IV: Greater Demons

Greater Demons are truly horrific in the terror they inspire. They are rarely seen on the planes of men and are always sources of dread and fear. Only the bravest and strongest of Conjurers would summon Class IV demons. Class IV demons are the epitome of the demonic nightmare. Generally around 10' tall or larger, with goat legs and cloven hooves, two or three times the size of those of a large bull.

Those which have wings (and almost all the sighted ones have them) have wings spans on the order of 20'. In addition to their absolutely unbelievable fighting prowess, they are also powerful wielders of magical energy, and can be expected to toss lightning bolts and fireballs around with glee. 

Class V: Arch-Demons 

Arch-Demons have not been openly seen on the planes of men for nearly a thousand years. If any wizard knows the name of a class V demon, it surely must be one of the most closely guarded secrets in existence. Only the greatest wizards from ancient times were capable of summoning these dread beings, and even they did so with the greatest of trepidation. Since so few have been seen, little is known of what these beings look like, other than they surely must be horrors beyond description. 

Class VI:  Demon Princes 

Demon Princes have never been known to have been seen on the planes of men. They have only been described to wizards as the absolute rulers of the Abyss. The other demons hold these unspeakable beings in such fear and dread that not even the gravest of tortures and punishments has ever induced any demon to divulge the name of a class VI demon.

A few unlucky beings in the last three millennia have reportedly managed, or been allowed to escape from unexpected visits to the Abyss where some have reported seeing the Unimaginably Hellish Palaces of these beings. The one or two who rumor states actually managed to see a Demon Prince were forever-after irrevocably insane. The power of such beings is incalculable but surely nearly rival to the lesser gods.

It is believed that the primary reason that no Demon Princes travel to the planes of men is that their manifestation requires so much mana that the resultant disruption would alert the god and their avatars.  Such an alert would likely trigger confrontations that would not be beneficial to any parties.

A Fiend (Type II Demon)

 This is the demon Tisdale, also called Tizzy.  Technically, on the power scales he is rated as a Type II Demon, thus a Fiend; however most wizards who have accidentally summoned him rate him as a Greater Annoyance.  This also seems to be the consensus of most other demons.

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