After the fall of the Vargosite Empire, Eton and Norelon were politically free of each other.  Various groups of nobles tried to recreate the Nation of Eton, (sometimes called Etonia Eternia).  Unfortunately, the disagreements between factions were two great and after nearly 100 years of war three principle states were founded. 
 Etonia is a democracy very similar in organizational structure to the ancient United Nations of Norelon and Eton.  It's goverened by two legislative bodies, the Society of Learned Fellows and the Society of Workers.  The Society of Workers is elected by the general population.  The Society of Learned Fellows is made up of all Master level Animages in Etonia.  Currently this is about 120 Animages.  The two legislatures share power with a President elected from among the remaining Nobility, and a Council of Justice which overseas the Judiciary and includes elected representatives from the Nobility, Workers and Animages.

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